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Our environmental training center prepares and submits a number of specialized and technical environmental courses for personnel and leaders in both government and private sectors. The company received the authorization for training from The Technical and Vocational Corporation under the No. 3094/214 dated 16.6.1430 H to execute these developing training courses in the field of environment. In addition, the Center had the approval from General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment on environmental training under the No. 79 T / 30 / 18920 dated 04/09/1430 H.
First: The developing courses for environment
Arrange specialized and developmental courses in the field of environment for private sector.

  1. Environmental pollution control technologies and systems  
  2. Environmental Programmer to deal with hazardous waste
  3. Environmental and geographic information systems and its applications in the protection of the environment

Second: The specialized courses for meteorology
Carrying out a number of developing and training courses in the field of meteorology and environment for the employees of The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment held at the Regional Training Center for Meteorology and Environment located in Abha town.

  1. Basic observation course
  2. Enhancement of skills of metrological forecaster
  3. Aviation Meteorological Training Course
  4. Environmental information systems and inspection

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