Granit Company offers several services in the field of environment, including for example:

  • Assessment and analysis of environmental solutions.
  • Environmental studies and consultation.
  • Preparing environmental impact assessment studies for different development projects.
  •  Environmental training programs and awareness activities.
  •  Environmental monitoring and auditing activities.
  •  Measuring electromagnetic waves of mobile stations and various other environmental activities.
  •  Implementing various kinds of coastal and marine environmental activities.
  •  Establishing and operating environmental laboratories.  
  •  Importing, installing and maintenance of pollution control equipment.
  •  Collecting, processing, recycling and disposal of waste .
  •  Being agent for environmental companies.  
  • Helping to develop the most appropriate and best methods of sound environmental management of the facility to maximize its positive and economic aspects.
  •  Manage various types of waste through:
    • Air pollution control systems.
    • Industrial and municipal waste techniques.
    • Energy saving and recovery systems.
    • Water Treatment Systems.
    • Noise pollution control systems.  

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