Speech of His Excellency President of Board Directors

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cares for preserving the environment to keep future generations in good health and for all members of Saudi society to enjoy clean air and healthy environment in order to achieve sustainable development. Accordingly, the General Environmental Regulations and Rules for Implementation was issued under the Royal Decree No. M / 34 in 28/07/1422 H. It was issued in order to preserve, protect and development the environment as well as prevent pollution and protect the public health from non environmental activities.

The Private Sector contributes effectively to raise people's environmental awareness issues to preserve and improve our environment. This is achieved through different environmental firms that provide environmental services, and prepare environmental studies required for all industrial, agricultural and marine activities

Hence, Granit Middle East Environmental Services Company was established as a specialized and qualified company according to the Qualification Certificate issued by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment. The company is specialized in environmental consulting, implementing various environmental reviewing as well as preparing assessment studies for development projects in order to obtain environmental licenses and approvals, in addition to the field of environmental training and awareness for different environmental programs.

The company also obtained the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to carry out the following activities: -

  1. Establishing environmental training centers and implementing developing courses in the field of environment.
  2. Environmental consulting licensed by The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment. 
  3. Environmental training programs and awareness activities.
  4.  Environmental monitoring and auditing activities.
  5.  Measuring electromagnetic waves of mobile stations and various other environmental activities.
  6.  Implementing various kinds of coastal and marine environmental activities.
  7.  Establishing and operating environmental laboratories. 
  8.  Importing, installing and maintenance of pollution control equipment.
  9.  Collecting, processing , recycling and disposal of waste.
  10. Being agent for international environmental companies.

The company has its own highest level of environmental consultant expertise in the field of environment inside the kingdom and abroad. Granit Middle East Environmental Services, Ltd. works according to scientific basis provided by The General Environmental Regulations and Rules for Implementation, as well as international principles and foundations that aim to prevent pollution, limit degradation of natural resources and raise people's environmental awareness so that future generations will enjoy healthy and sustainable environment.


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